What is Expatistan?

The number of relatively young, educated people voluntarily moving from country to country is growing. Their motivation is a combination of career related issues and a desire to experience a new culture. These people are commonly referred to as 'expats' and they have become a regular fixture in urban environments around the world.

Expats are faced with a number of specific problems, which locals do not face in terms of finding services and fulfilling needs, especially if they are not proficient in the local language. Expats' difficulties begin even before they make the decision to move to a new city. Expats want answers to questions like, "how much money will I need in .....?" and "Will the salary that I have been offered in ..... allow me to maintain my current standard of living?" and they are generally not willing to pay large sums of money for answers.

Expatistan.com is dedicated to expats around the world. It's designed to be a down-to-earth, realistic index that is free and easy to use. Expatistan.com is a collaborative effort - created by people for people around the world.

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