Make sure that your salary in Innsbruck
is enough to enjoy a happy life

Before you accept a new position in Innsbruck you need to find out what kind of salary you will need there so you don't end up regretting the move later on. Depending on your employer's offer, you may also need to explain why your salary expectation is what it is.

You can do this with our independent salary and cost-of-living calculations. You will find out how much should be your new salary in Innsbruck with a salary conversion. You can then use this independent report to negotiate a fair compensation for your transfer. Bring hard facts into your negotiation.

Your report will calculate, based on your current salary, how much you should earn in Innsbruck to keep your quality of life unchanged. You will get factual data on the cost-of-living difference between Innsbruck and Trondheim, including a breakdown by category and a sample of prices in both cities.

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Data that you can trust

Our data has been regularly used by the most demanding companies and organizations, in economic textbooks, and in general media as a primary source. The data behind your calculation has also been used and trusted by the Markets Research division of Deutsche Bank, by the BBC, and by Business Insider among others.

Realistic and reliable salary calculations

With your salary calculation you will find out the salary that you will need in your new city to keep the same standard of living that you currently have in Trondheim.

Maybe just as important, you will have an independent assessment and hard data showing why you require that salary. This will give you a stronger position to negotiate a better offer. The calculation that you will get includes all the underlying price-data used to calculate the cost of living difference and the salary conversion. This is rock solid data that you can trust.

Information that makes a difference

Photo of Michele

Michele M.

“I found the calculation very useful to get the confidence for entering in the salary adjustment negotiation with relevant figures.

I definitely recommend this service to anyone who is being relocated by their company.”

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Kevin K.

“The calculation provided helped me make critical determinations during my evaluation process.

I was able to make better sense of the offer on the table and speak with data during the negotiation.

Thanks to the staff for responding so quickly to my request!”

Accurate and Reliable

  • Calculates the equivalent income in Innsbruck of your current net income.
  • Abundant data points from multiple redundant sources.
  • Includes graphs, sample prices, and key statistical parameters.
  • Only recent, up-to-date prices used as inputs.

Our salary calculations are based on data collected by us in, a collaborative database of prices that is constantly updated and improved. In the last week alone we've added more than 4,800 new prices to the database.

After aggregating, cleaning up and modelling this data, we cross check it and enhance it with public cost-of-living data compiled by international organizations like the United Nations, the World Bank and Eurostat.

The end results are up-to-date, reliable, and comprehensive salary calculations on cost-of-living differences and net income equivalences.

What will you find inside the salary calculation?

When you buy your salary calculation, you will be getting a custom-made, downloadable PDF document showing you:
  • The equivalent salary that you'll need in Innsbruck to keep the standard of living that you are used to in Trondheim.
  • How much more expensive is the cost-of-living in Innsbruck, broken down by category.
  • Abundant, up-to-date data. In the last week alone we've added more than 4,800 new prices to our prices database.
  • Sample of prices of every-day items in both cities, as well as key statistical parameters.
  • Professional formatting and reliable presentation, allowing you to use the printed calculation in your negotiations.

The calculation that you will get combines the biggest cost-of-living database in the world (which we run ourselves) and public data sources, such as the United Nations, the World Bank, the OECD and Eurostat. The PDF document provides detailed cost-of-living information, based on which we calculate the salary that you need in Innsbruck to compensate for the difference in prices with Trondheim. You will know exactly how much more (or less) money you will need in Innsbruck to live as good or better as you now live in Trondheim. Even better, you will be able to explain and justify your salary requirements during your negotiation.

You will be getting a comprehensive and reliable salary conversion for Innsbruck. Get started by downloading a 100% free sample calculation. See for yourself how useful having the right data will be when relocating to Innsbruck.

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Get your own Salary Calculation for Innsbruck