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You will find all the international schools in one single place. We are constantly adding new schools and cities to our database, to make sure that you always have the latest information available. You don't need to spend hours searching on the internet to try to find them all yourself.

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We contact every school to ask them about all the important things that you want to know. The number of students in the school, what languages are taught in the school, whether they offer support for English as a foreign language of for special learning needs, if you can join in the middle of an academic year, etc.

International School Details Page

Customised to your particular case

How many children you have, their ages, where will you be living in your new city, your preferences, etc. Customise the database to filter out faster all the schools that are not interesting for you.
Then compare all the interesting schools using only the criteria that you find important.

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As expat parents ourselves we know how difficult and time consuming it can be to choose an international or English school for your children, especially in a new or foreign city. Finding all the available schools in a foreign city is not easy. And the information that is available freely is not much. Contacting all the private schools to ask for more information is simply not possible. We know it, we have experienced it ourselves.

That's why we have created the International schools database. We have collected all the information available about every international school in dozens of cities worldwide. We have personally contacted them to get all the extra information that, as a parent, is important to have when putting together a shortlist of schools to contact further.

Every person is different. All this information will be personalised to your situation depending on how many children you have, their ages, your preferences, etc. You can filter out the schools that are not interesting for you. You can compare all the schools using the criteria that you find important. As you explore each school in depth you can add your own notes as you go along ...

You need to create a shortlist of schools to contact in your new city.
Make your life easier. Get all the information and the tools that you need to select your top schools easily with our International schools database.

Who are we

Photo of founder
Gerardo Robledillo

Father of two and an expat himself, he has lived
in 4 different countries working as a computer engineer.

Photo of founder
Andrea Robledillo

Mother of two international children, she has lived
in 3 different countries in two continents.

What schools do we cover?

Our Database includes every international school available in 21 cities, whether it is a British school following the British curriculum, an American school, a private school following an international curriculum (like the International Baccalaureate), or any other kind of international and private school.

We currently cover 907 international schools in 21 cities.

Our focus are expat families with children that are relocating to a new city, most likely a non-English speaking city. As such, the schools in our database are all private schools aimed to international families. The most usual language of the schools is English, but we also include any other international school as long as their primary instruction language is not the local one. For example, our database includes German, French, Japanese, Indian, and Korean schools, among others.

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Cities currently available in the International School Database