Expat Services

Money Transfer

Save cash when moving or exchanging currency

Getting your finances in order is vital when beginning your expat life. Cut costs on money moving fees by using a dedicated money transfer provider instead of a traditional bank. With significantly reduced rates, you can easily cover moving expenses in your home country as well as your new home.

Expat Taxes

Make filing your expat taxes as easy as possible

It's no secret that expat taxes are even more of a headache than 'regular' taxes. Get all the advice, assistance and information you need to prepare your taxes quickly, easily and on time with a professional expat tax provider. They'll even file your tax returns for you, so you can get on with living your life.

Language Learning Services

Learn the language of your new home

Expat life is all about diving into a new country, culture and lifestyle, and a big part of that is learning the local lingo. If you can talk to the locals you'll instantly feel more at home, and you'll integrate better with the community. Taking some language lessons is a great way to start, both before you leave and after you arrive.