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Market research and Analysis using Expatistan as data source

The Random Walk - Mapping the World's Prices [PDF] Deutsche Bank Markets Research
Expatistan was used as the primary source of data to create Deutsche Bank's Analysis on World Prices in 2013, in 2014 and in 2015.
Cost of Living Tool Lloyds TSB | International
Data from Expatistan was used as an additional source for a cost-of-living tool created by Lloyds TSB International.
Value of Education report "Learning for life" HSBC
The cost of living information for this yearly study in the value of higher educatin is sourced from Expatistan.

Newspapers, magazines, blogs and other media

For Foreigners, Australia Offers the Most Expensive Education The New York Times
Article about a report on Education Costs by HSBC that used Expatistan as cost-of-living data source.
Living in: The world’s most affordable cities BBC Travel
“...movie tickets and cocktails cost half as much as they do in New York City and London, according to international price database Expatistan.”
Mapping the Cheapest Cities for Living the Expat Life The Atlantic Cities
“So when wanderers wonder if their salary might stretch further in Barcelona or Milan, why not direct them to the experience of their peers? That's the premise of Expatistan, a user-generated cost of living index.”
Study costs worldwide: Germany, you're cheap (German) Spiegel
“In addition, they evaluated the information provided by the website Expatistan from where each user can enter his living expenses. Overall, data are from 1,600 cities.”
The Most Expensive Places To Live In The World Business Insider (2011)
“Data from Expatistan was used to validate and support the rankings provided by ECA International's cost of living survey.”
This Map Shows The Most Expensive Cities In The World Business Insider (2014)
“The team at Expatistan calculated the price index value for hundreds of global cities based on the current cost of items such as housing, clothes, transportation, medicine, and food.”
Sydney 11th-priciest city in world, according to crowdsourced comparison The Sydney Morning Herald
“Sydney is the 11th-priciest city in the world and 25 per cent cheaper than first-placed London, based on groceries, electronics, rent and other everyday items, according to Expatistan.com.”
Welcome to London, the most expensive city in the world: Soaring rent and petrol prices drive capital above New York and Paris in terms of costs of essentials Daily Mail
“The figures come from the cost of living experts Expatistan.com, who produced their report after comparing information from almost 200,000 users around the world to calculate average prices in 1,600 cities.”
$15 minimum wage permits few luxuries in US cities SFGate
“Expatistan, a website that tracks the cost of living in cities around the world, says New York, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Honolulu, Boston and Seattle are the most expensive U.S. cities overall, in that order.”
Why gourmet fast food is on a roll and we are willing to pay through the nose to eat it The Daily Telegraph
“Comparison site Expatistan says food in Sydney is 44 per cent more expensive than in Hong Kong.”
Brisbane named the country's hippest city by Lonely Planet Australia travel guide ABC News
“The Expatistan website recently rated Brisbane the world's 13th most expensive city, ahead of Tokyo (19), Stockholm (15) and even Melbourne (18). Of Australian capitals, only Sydney came in ahead at number 11, according to the site's Cost of Living Index, which compares such expenses as monthly rent, movie tickets, transportation, grocery costs and gym membership.
Cost of Living for Expats Soar in Africa's Oil-Rich Capitals All Africa
“According to a survey on the online cost of living calculator Expatistan, Juba is around 30 percent more expensive than Nairobi, with food and entertainment the biggest differentials.”
This Map Shows The Most Expensive Cities In The World Yahoo! Finance
“This map shows the cost of living index scores from site Expatistan, with red showing more expensive cities and green showing cheaper cities.”
Fancy a bargain-basement holiday? You asked for it! MSN News
Expatistan was used as a primary source for this article in MSN News.
Cost of Living Tool news.com.au
Article comparing cost of living in Australia and elsewhere using Expatistan's data as source.
Website helps compare the cost of expat living The National
Article about Expatistan in the online and printed version of The National, the first English-language publication in Abu Dhabi.
The Most Expensive Cities In The World, According To Expatistan The Huffington Post
“According to a team at Expatistan, which calculated a "cost of living index" for hundreds of global cities, these wallet-busting metros are the most expensive based on their current costs of housing, clothes, transportation, medicine and food.”
Keep Hold of Those Pennies as London is Now the Most Expensive City in the World Gizmodo
“Beating Oslo, Geneva, Paris and New York to the dubious title, the UK's capital is now the most expensive city in the world, according to a study by cost of living researchers at Expatistan. Comparing more than 775,000 prices submitted by 201,500 users in over 1,600 cities across the globe, London beats even notoriously pricey Sydney.”
London Is Now The Most Expensive City In The World BuzzFeed
“London has topped a study of city prices by cost of living experts Expatistan.”
Expatistan Compares Cost of Living Between Two Cities Lifehacker
Early review of the site in the influential Lifehacker site.
Expatistan Interview With Gerardo Robledillo MyCurrencyTransfer
Interview with Gerardo Robledillo (Expatistan's founder).
18 Ciudades Más Baratas De Latinoamérica En El 2018 Comologia
Analysis of cost of living differences in South America using Expatistan's data.
Beer Prices 9 News Perth - Jun 19th 2014
News piece on Beer prices in Australia, based on data from Expatistan.
Costo de Vida Plug TV program - Sept 20th 2011
Review of Expatistan.com in Plug, technology program aired weekly on Proyecto 40 (Mexican cable and satelite TV).

Quick facts about Expatistan

  • Publicly launched in December 2009. Created and maintained by a single person.
  • Collaborative database of prices (crowdsourced, like Wikipedia). The website users enter the prices for their own cities.
  • Compiles prices for 57 various products and services divided into 6 categories (Food, Housing, Clothes, Transportation, Personal Care, and Entertainment).
    • Prices collected: 3,379,000
    • Cities covered: 1,900
    • Contributors: 389,000
  • Compiles a real-time cost-of-living index for the top 162 cities.
  • Uses Prague as anchor value (Prague = 100)


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