Pros and Cons of Moving to a New Country

Posted By Gerardo ( on 15/01/2013

This is a guest post from the Bangalore based expat, Tishana Ince.

Moving abroad to start a new life is a massive decision, one that requires a lot of thought, planning and budgeting. You could be moving for work, a new adventure or for love. Be sure to do your homework on the place you are moving to. So let us look at the the pros and cons of embarking on your journey in a new country.


Completely New Experience

Life in a new country can be a real adventure. Eating food that you have never tasted before, getting to see places you have only ever seen on television up until then, soaking in sights, sounds and smells you have never experienced before, culture and customs that are completely different from your own. The list is endless!

Personal Development

Learning a new language and experiencing a new culture will make you appreciate the history, values and customs of that country. Meeting and befriending different kinds of people will broaden your horizons and change your life forever.

Career and Professional Growth

On the career front, you gain a completely fresh perspective of how people deal with work situations and get accustomed to the business culture or professional ethics in that country. The experience gained in a new country will do wonders for your career.

Travel and Adventure

Moving to a new country means that you have the opportunity to travel to places that you might have only dreamt of. Being able to explore and experience destinations that are far away from your own is one of the great joys of life!

New Circle of Friends

Back in your hometown your social circle consisted of your friends from school or college, colleagues and people you have known for a long time. Living abroad gives you the chance to meet interesting people from a variety of backgrounds. Forming new and meaningful friendships becomes second nature when living in a new country.


Stressful time

Life in a new country comes with its own set of challenges. Apart from the initial culture shock, you will have to deal with realities like finding a job, looking for suitable housing and getting accustomed to the local culture. It may take time for you to settle in if one of these factors do not fall into place as expected.

Involves a certain amount of risk

Uprooting yourself from your current job or vocation in order to move abroad is a risky proposition, especially if you have not secured a job at your destination abroad. Other details like having to sell your belongings, your car or even your house is a huge undertaking.

Away from family and friends

Distance can take toll on relationships. Not being able to attend your best friend’s wedding or be with your family for Christmas can be particularly disappointing and disheartening. It is in times like these that homesickness can set it.

Financial burden

Moving to a new country can be an expensive affair. Once you reach your destination country, you will have to bear expenses like rent and monthly bills till you start earning income. The first few months can be particularly hard as you will have unexpected expenses to content with.

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Tishana is a marketing professional at FeedbacQ, a service that connects expats and would-be expats to quality-verified international movers worldwide. A serial expat herself, she enjoys yoga, hiking, tennis and dancing.