Expatistan in the news

Posted By on 15/09/2012

Expatistan is gaining exposure around the world. We believe the site is very useful for expats and would-be expats—so we’re glad to see that other people think the same. Since Expatistan has appeared in media from several different countries, we figured no user would have seen all the recent press coverage, and we wanted to highlight some exciting recent appearances.

Most recently, Gerardo (who is Expatistan’s founder) was interviewed for a bilingual podcast in Argentina, “The Buenos Aires Podcast.” If you speak English or Spanish (or both!), have a listen to the interview. In it Gerardo explains Expatistan’s central goals and why some cities are much more expensive than others. His hosts also curse him for living in the Czech Republic, which, unlike Argentina, does not have runaway inflation. (The full episode containing the interview can be found here.)

Since last summer, Expatistan has been covered in every medium.

  • A few months ago the site was featured online, in MSN Travel UK.
  • Traditional newspapers, such as Chile’s El Mercurio, have covered Expatistan.
  • The site has also been on TV in Mexico.
  • And it has appeared in magazines, such as China’s Agenda Beijing, in the article “In the land of Expats” (PDF). In that piece, Gerardo explains both the history of Expatistan and the goals he has for the future of the site.

Around the world, people are using Expatistan to find useful information about cities’ costs of living. And reporters are taking note. Maybe you’ll find information on Expatistan in your local newspaper, or on the radio—no matter where you live. Keep an eye out for more!