10 Travelers Tips to Save Money in Singapore

Posted By Gerardo (gerardo@expatistan.com) on 07/07/2012

This is a guest post from the Singapore based writer Priyanka Iyer.

If the fear of spending beyond your budget is giving you jitters and preventing you from making a trip, it is time you let go off your fears. You can savor the beauty and enjoy one of the best holidays at Singapore, even on a frugal budget. If you long to know the top 10 ways for enjoying an alluring holiday with thrift at Singapore, read along for some useful ideas:

Tip 1: Avoid Investing In Guidebooks

Investing in expensive guidebooks for touring Singapore would be an imprudent step, as these guidebooks are really not worth your money. It is relatively easy to tour Singapore as compared to other Asian countries, because the natives of Singapore are good at speaking and understanding English. You can hence, ask for directions from any of the locals at Singapore. The documents and maps supplied by the Tourist Office, along with useful information from Internet would be sufficient to tour Singapore.

Tip 2: Party Early

For those of you who find it expensive to enjoy booze parties, it is advisable to party early. Most pubs at Singapore offer attractive discounts in the form of Happy-Hours for booze-lovers. So you can go ahead and party like you never did, for significantly less costs.

Tip 3: Be Experimental With Food

Singaporean cuisine is a complete delight for every foodie. You would surely savor every bit of the cuisine and definitely not regret picking up practically anything from the shelves. In case you wish to seek some cost-effective alternatives, go for the affordable food courts or small restaurants, which can be a cheap but sumptuous treat for your taste-buds.

Tip 4: Save Taxes By Shopping Smart

No vacation is perfect without a shopping escapade, especially when you are holidaying at Singapore. The best time to make a shopping trip to Singapore would be during the ‘Great Shopping Sale’ which begins mid-year and lasts for about a month. Shopping at Orchard Road, Bugis Street, Centrepoint or the Heeren can be a fulfilling experience for most shopaholics. With such irresistible options for shopping, you can always go overboard with the budget for your shopping. You can get a reimbursement of up to 3% on the Goods and Services Tax, if you shop for above $300 from outlets with ’Tax-Free Shopping’. You can easily avail this reimbursement by showing your cheques at the airport.

Tip 5:Use Public Transport

There’s no need to hire taxis because of Singapore’s efficient and cost effective public transport system. You can enjoy touring Singapore and go for unlimited rides with the SIA Hop-On AC Bus Services for just $5 per day. If at all, you still need to hire taxi services, sharing them with fellow passengers can be a good way to curtail unnecessary expenses.

Tip 6: Don’t Invest On Mineral Water

Tap water at Singapore is as good and safe as the mineral water, so you need not buy mineral water bottles and waste money unnecessarily.

Tip 7: Choose The Right Tourist Spots

Singapore is brimming with some of the most attractive and exotic locations. Plan your sightseeing in accordance with the location of different tourist sites. It would make sense to combine a visit to the zoo along with a night safari, while you manage to save $4.15, as the combined ticket would costs less than the individual tickets. A lot of money can be easily saved, if you follow these ideas and research well before setting out for sight-seeing.

Tip 8: Avoid Surfing Internet

Most travelers to Singapore possessing the Singapore Holiday Pass also like visiting Malaysia. You can get the visa for Malaysia on-arrival only if you have a valid Singapore Visa (and not the Sea-Man visa). If you are one such traveler longing to visit Singapore and Malaysia together, consider using the Internet services at Malaysia. This is because the Internet services for Singapore are quite expensive and it is better to use the cheap and better Internet services in Malaysia instead.

Tip 9: Do Not Get Into Trouble

Singapore is a beautiful and a friendly country, but there are some strict rules for the society. Make it a point to be aware of these regulations and comply with them. Violating any law can burn a hole in your pocket, as you would have to pay huge fines. It is best to stay away from trouble, and avoid shelling out extra money from your pocket.

Tip 10: Settle For Budget Hotels Or Apartments

You must choose a budget friendly hotel for staying while visiting Singapore. If you plan to stay in Singapore for long, it is better to stay in furnished apartments. Renting an apartment would be a good choice if you intend to stay for a week or more.

With all these practical ideas for traveling to Singapore, you can enjoy a great trip. A bit of budgeting and planning can help you curtail your expenses in a better way.

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