Welcome to the new era of the Expatistan blog

Posted By on 22/03/2012

Today Expatistan is launching a new feature. From now on this blog will be your main source of Expatistan news and data, as well as other expat-related content.

The blog is still under construction as we continue to work out the details of how we'll be running it, what improvements and upgrades we can introduce, and what content will best serve you, our readers. But be sure to start checking back regularly, because we'll be updating the blog a couple times a week. Or subscribe to the blog's RSS feed and read posts in any feed reader as soon as it comes out.

From now on, this will be an easier, faster way for us to share with you all the information and data that we gather behind the scenes. You already know how to use the Cost of Living Index, and you can learn more of the basics about Expatistan from our existing informational pages: "What is Expatistan?," "How does it work?," "Who are we?," and the FAQ page. But here on the blog you'll find regular updates about Expatistan and other news related to what we do.

The team behind this blog is Gerardo, the founder and editor of Expatistan.com (and a Spaniard living in the Czech Republic), and Peter, a writer and Expatistan contributor (and an American living in Colombia). We’ll be manning this blog together—with, we hope, some help from you.

We hope you'll join us on this new venture. And please contact us with any questions or comments. If you have ideas for content, information, or features you'd like to see here, please let us know.